Logic and ritual are two elements that we at Triumph & Disaster most value. In our series My Rituals, we explore the daily ceremonies of those around us.


Back in December 2012, two mates from Sydney got together and turned their passion for 'all things cool' into something more. That was the birth of Man of Many. Today, the love child of Scott Purcell and Frank Arthur has blossomed into a hub of products, culture, fashion, technology and style, leading the modern gentleman to stand out in a crowd. I guess we have that in common.

We caught up with Scott and Frank to learn their rituals for success.


What’s the first thing you do when you wake up in the morning?


Scott: Check my phone (I know it’s a really bad habit!)


Frank: I usually turn on the radio. I a big fan of some gentle tunes in the morning.


Talk us through your morning rituals.


Scott: I’ll try to get some exercise done in the mornings which usually involves a run down to Coogee and back. But it’s proving harder than usual with all the Christmas celebrations going on! Then, I’ll usually head straight to the shower, have some quick breakfast and I’m out the door to work.


Frank: Scrub up, eat some breakfast, check my personal social media, check Man of Many’s social media, then make the commute into the office.


What’s your most important ritual… daily?


Scott: A good night’s rest.


Frank: Good meals. I can’t function unless I’m well fed. I always try and have my meals at fairly regular times each day. When things are busy it’s easy to get caught up with whatever you’re doing and miss a meal, but I always make the effort to grab a bite.




Scott: Catching up with friends and family.


Frank: Errands on a Sunday. I try and do my grocery shopping, meal prep, personal admin, check my calendar and think about what’s on for the week ahead.




Scott: Setting challenging goals in both your work and personal life and striving to achieve them.


Frank: Reflecting on the past year and thinking about what I’d like to achieve in the year ahead. I also like to reflect on everything that’s happening around the world, which helps me to always remember to be grateful for all I have and for the life I’m able to live.



What’s the ritual that most brings you peace?


Scott: Watching YouTube. It’s a way for my mind to switch off and tune out.


Frank: Playing guitar. I’m no Hendrix, but I love to play and I find it quite soothing and relaxing.


Who do you best like to practise rituals with?


Scott: Friends and family.


Frank: Most often my rituals are solo. This allows me to do things my way, reflect on what I’m doing and improve if need be.


Favourite background music for your rituals?


Scott: When I go on runs I usually listen to podcasts rather than music. Two I’d recommend are: The Journal by Kevin Rose and The Basement Yard which is always good for a laugh.


Frank: Three artists I’ve been listening to a lot this year are Kendrick Lamar, Kaytranada and Mac DeMarco. I have quite an eclectic music library and what I listen to depends on my mood. When I’m feeling funky I’ll drop some Motown for a bit of soul. The “Rap Caviar” Spotify playlist often gets a run. I also like to explore a lot of new indie tracks.


What’s the one ritual you could never give up?


Scott: My sweet tooth.


Frank: Exercise. If I’m not doing regular physical activity I feel flat.


Rituals are...


Scott: Wubba dubba lub lub.


Frank: Unavoidable. They usually develop organically as our brain’s way of bringing some regularity and familiarity to our busy lifestyles.

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