Like-Minded: Greenleaf Organics


You might have passed by the converted warehouse space at 326 New North Road on your way home or to Kingsland's iconic Eden Park stadium. From the outside, the frontage is discrete with just an industrial roller door and golden honeycomb graphic hinting there's more to investigate inside.


Greenleaf Organics' interior is a mix of polished concrete warehouse contrasted with bursts of colourful geometry on wood, hand-drawn chalk art, exotic plants and maybe one or two paintings by creative co-owner Mike Priddy. The big surprise? A huge vine-laden secret courtyard out the back.


Now, this former industrial warehouse is now the set of something a little more hand-made; one of New Zealand's finest whole food & organic cafes. 

We sat down with Greenleaf Organics co-owners Chantel and Mike to talk about organic produce and their latest product, Switchel.


Greenleaf Organics Store front 


And when asked what superfoods we should include:
Mike: There are too many great natural foods to list them all but if I had to choose one, my go-to would definitely be Chia seeds. They're high in Omega 3 fatty acids which are great for skin tone and hair also.

Chantel: Another great one to include would be Tumeric, it has incredible natural anti-inflammatory properties and is a powerful anti-oxidant.


Chantelle & MikeOrganic Oranges

Little Helper



Greenleaf Organics, 326 New North Road, Kingsland, Auckland.

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