Do I really need to use a night cream?

At night – our bodies may slow down to rest, but our skin does not. While we sleep our skin is working hard to regenerate and repair cells – especially during R.E.M (Rapid Eye Movement or in laymen’s terms ‘deep sleep’).

You’ve had a long, busy day – it’s easy to fall into bed without a care in the world – right? These days we’re used to cleansing to remove the oils and pollutants that have built up during the day, but a night cream is an equally important (but often forgotten) evening skincare step. Dedicating a couple of minutes before bed every night to take care of your skin has its benefits. Presenting; Night Cream.

Aren’t day & night creams the same thing?

Daytime moisturisers work to protect your skin from the elements and conditions the day throws at you, locking in your skin’s moisture while also firming, lifting and toning your face.

Meanwhile, a night cream works over a period of time (while you sleep) to “feed” the skin cells, repair damage and encourage the production of collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid. The ingredients in a night cream slowly hydrate the skin over several hours, to facilitate healthy, vibrant skin.

I thought night creams were for old people?

When you’re young, the body naturally produces collagen and, in an abundance, however as we get older (generally around age 25) this production slowly starts (and continues) to decline. Cue Vitamin C; a vital ingredient in night creams, without it – there is no proline production and no collagen synthesis.

Why should I use night cream?

 Throughout the night, our skin naturally loses moisture. Poor nutrition, lack of water consumption or even a dry and overheated room can all play a part in your skin feeling dry, dehydrated and tight. As a result, you appear tired and run down. Many believe a night cream is just another beauty product they don’t need, a way for companies to dupe customers into buying something. However, once I started using night cream myself, I learnt that this wasn’t the case. After a couple of weeks of using night cream my skin felt smoother & softer than ever before.

How do I use it?

After cleansing and toning, apply daily prior to bed. Go easy, don’t overload. Heavy, thick night creams are counterproductive to the regenerative process. That’s all there is to it – let the night cream do the rest.

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