We certainly don’t have all the answers, but one little solution we have come across in the great packaging debacle is an easy to grow crop and just as easy to dispose of; sugarcane, which we have taken advantage of turning into our plastic tubes. 

(At present our new beard range and Ritual Cleanser)

Sugarcane is a renewable source meaning the whole process from seed to the finished sustainable plastic is better for you, our business and Earth. Every day whether wittingly or not, all aspects of our shopping habits add to the carbon build up we are reminded of on every screen and billboard. It’s about sourcing out the readily available solutions we have at our disposal without compromising on the quality T&D stands for. 

A big upside to using sugarcane plastic is the crops’ ability to remove carbon from the atmosphere as it grows, so that each plastic tube helps reduce this overall colossal sized carbon footprint we step into everyday. The plant needs carbon dioxide for photosynthesis, which it stores from the cultivation process and even after it is turned into plastic. Mind you the carbon remains stored even as it is recycled (which can be up to 9 times). 

The sugarcane is grown in Brazil where it takes up 1.2% of its territory and under strict policies and in particular national biofuel policy that demands zero deforestation, sugarcane is now one of the most sustainable crops in the world.* 

What you do with your tubes at the end of its life is entirely up to you, but we want to simplify it. The sugarcane plastic is 100% kerbside recyclable. In Australasia we don’t have the means to biodegrade through a commercial composting facility, and so recycling is our best bet as a business with our head office based in Aotearoa (NZ). We are not shy about pouring our products down your drains, sourcing a range of our products with 100% natural ingredients (and the rest as close as we could get). If you want to find out more simply scroll through the clear cuts of each product to find the natural vs scientific formulation ratio. And then with the packaging left in your hand it’s all about a reliable recycling process that is user friendly.

Essentially we are now using less of Polyethylene plastic which is sourced from fossil fuels, and we all know how well that is going for us, and our next steps are converting our pump bottles (think YLF, shampoo & conditioner) onto the same sweet solution.

If this is a topic that has touched a node the official sugarcane website has a plethora of infographics, stats and myth bustings better than the original ghostbusters. 

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 * Taken from the official site

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