The Science of Nature: Volcanic Ash

As a leading member of the Ring of Fire, Triumph & Disaster's New Zealand base is dotted with volcanic activity. Hell, our headquarters is on the doorstep of 48 volcanic cones in Auckland city. So it's only natural that rich volcanic-sourced ingredients would find their way into one of our most hyped products.

Pumice, Pumicite, Volcanic Ash


Pumice is formed when highly-pressurised molten high-silica rock erupts from a gnarly volcano and subsequently undergoes rapid cooling and depressurisation, which releases gases (like the bubbles escaping your freshly-opened beer, except not as tasty but just as rockin') creating a porous, foamy & light-weight solid.

Micro-abrasive shards in its structure give Pumice its coarse texture. Combined with the brittle porous nature, when crushed to powder, pumice performs as a delicate natural exfoliant that breaks down smaller as you work it around your skin. Just like graduating from coarse grade sandpaper to fine grade creates a smooth finish on wood, this pumice break-down helps to exfoliate your sensitive skin on your face and neck without ever over-doing it like more rigid exfoliant substances can do.



Bad garden art, good pedicures, hydroponic plant growing media ;-), removing pilling from your sweaters, stone washing that live-in feeling in your new pair of jeans - all thanks to pumice.

It's also an awesome face scrub and masque



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