My Rituals: Jamie Azzopardi

This month, we sat down with celebrity stylist and self-proclaimed pop-culture nerd, Jamie Azzopardi, to talk all things life, rituals and of course, Triumph & Disaster.




At T & D, we’re all about embracing rituals; do you have any that you live by that you could share with us?


My ritual is a simple one; before any big shoot, show, dressing or appearance, I gather everyone involved in the team (including the client) and tell them about my family before I welcome them into my extended fashion family. I lost my parents when I was quite young, so I consider fashion to be an extension of myself and those in it, my “family”, by default.



What does having a ‘fashion family’ mean to you?


My fashion family means everything to me! At times I’m away from home for extended periods and this large group of wonderful humans are each in part responsible for my welfare, happiness and success, as well as my clients. 


You mentioned your job requires a lot of travelling; do you follow any beauty routines to keep you fresh AF whilst jet-setting?


My job takes me all over, so I have a beauty routine that keeps me looking as good as I do every day. I wear a moisturiser (usually with SPF in it) and lip balm every day! I try to use as little product on my face and hair as necessary, but I do find lighter products more beneficial as they don’t block the skin or follicles from doing what they need to do. Less is always more!


Talking about haircare and skincare… what’s your favourite T & D product at the moment?


My go-to T&D products are Coltrane Clay and Gameface Moisturiser – which is perfect, might I add! But, the conditioner would be my fave product to use for sure, it always makes me feel great and it smells heavenly.




As a stylist, we imagine a lot of time and research goes into your work; what rituals do you follow when you’re preparing for an upcoming styling gig?


When I take on a new gig, I tend to research the client vigorously. My main ritual is to always have a backup option similar enough to what they may need in my closet… but one they don’t know about, just in case!



Is there a routine that you get your clients to follow before a shoot, runway show or event?


Most clients have different rituals before getting ready, but one of my favourites was an actor I dressed who has to wear his lucky socks to every award shows he’s nominated in.



After a big event, like an awards show, you must be buzzing; what do you do to celebrate and who do you celebrate with?


After a big event, I celebrate with food (bad habits die hard - but on a long day it’s something we never get enough of). I usually take my creative team out for a group meal and a nice wine wherever is closest to say thank you for their hard work and dedication.



We’ve learnt from hanging out with you that you live and embrace a natural lifestyle; why is this important to you?


I do live a natural lifestyle and I think this is important because we all, in our own way, play a part in saving the earth! Obviously we all have circumstances where whatever action we need to take affects the place we live, but if we all try and minimise our actions I feel like we’d be better off, so I started with the man in the mirror. 



Do you prefer to work with brands that share similar values to you?


I only ever work with brands that share my life’s concept. I’d never work with a beauty brand that tests on animals or a food brand that doesn’t offer a vegan option. I feel like these days every “influencer” wants to do anything to be paid for, but I find that staying true to who I am and my values has helped me grow immensely and is the reason for my long career.


Last, but certainly not least, Jamie…if you were a T & D product, what would you be? 


Oooh, if I were a T&D product I would be Gameface Moisturiser! Happy, healthy and always hydrated ;)



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