Alpine Adventures

From cliff-camping and kombi vans, to cabins and wilderness, Riparide is all about inspiring intrepid living, helping us connect with our spirit of adventure and bringing back that child-like sense of wonder and exploration.



We at Triumph & Disaster are proud to partner with such a legendary bunch of humans, who, like us, are passionate about respecting and embracing nature’s playground.

Last weekend we kitted out self-proclaimed travel enthusiast and ‘part-time van captain’, Brooke James, with our skin and haircare travel essentials for his adventure with Riparide.



The lucky mofo loaded up his van, drove across the country and escaped the concrete jungle, for a weekend complete with the perfect balance of adrenaline kicks and zen sessions.



Just what the doc ordered; pursuing moments in life that rejuvenate the soul and make us feel alive!

In the heart of the Victorian Alps laid a four-day getaway, a peaceful oasis where Brooke and his partner got to relax and rewind. They spent two nights camping next to rivers and another two in a restored, old tobacco kiln, which can only be defined as pure bliss. With so much for them to do out there; from hiking to waterfalls, sledding with beautiful Husky dogs, soaking in hot springs, finding hidden cheese and wine spots, visiting wineries and mixing with the locals, the adventure never stopped.


Brooke spent the next couple of days in a cottage just outside of Gapsted.

Cortes Kiln is situated on a working walnut farm surrounded by bush and nature, complete with parrots squawking out to their mates.

With an interior that’s nothing short of ‘rustic luxury’, Cortes Kiln boasts a delicious oasis that calms the mind and connects one with nature.




Check out Brooke’s highlights from his epic getaway with Riparide


Ladies Bath Falls

Located just a few kilometres from the base of Mt Buffalo. Ladies Bath Falls is full of crystal clear waters and massive boulders, the perfect destination for a picnic. Better yet? It’s an easy 400-metre bush walk.


Mt Buffalo Lookout

Picture this; a winding road leading to a glorious lookout over the Victorian Alps.  It’s no Swiss Alps, but it’s pretty darn spectacular.


Red Stag – Deer & Emu Farm

Get up close and personal with the wilderness (but not too close). We’re talking deer, emus and mountain goats. Grab a bite to eat at the restaurant afterwards.

Gapsted Wines

The best spot for a cheese board and bottle of vino is at Gapsted Wines just up the road from the Cortes Kiln cottage. There’s nothing like watching the sunset over the grapevines. Did we mention you take the rest of the bottle home? – SOLD!


Wandi Pub

An epic little rustic pub. The perfect spot for a game of pool, a pint of beer and socialising with the locals. There’s also live music on the weekend for partygoers. 


Howling Huskies Sled Tour

Take a tour around the alpine village of Dinner Plain in a sled-powered by mans best friend, Huskies. Mostly all rescue dogs and so friendly. Get up close and personal with them after their run.


Cherry Walk Café

An awesome spot for a good coffee and a hearty breakfast. The café is well priced and will fuel you up for a day full of adventure.




If you’re green with envy about Brooke’s epic adventure, check out Riparide’s website Here and embrace your inner-adventurer.




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