How to cleanse:
Wet your face a little and massage Ritual cleanser all over to remove any make-up, excess oils or debris. Wash off with warm water.

Daily rituals give you back time from the machine, moments lost to the man. Rituals create space for you to think, for you to be you.So create time every morning to wash your face with a specially formulated gentle skin cleanser (don’t use soap). Exfoliate twice a week to remove the build up of oil and dead layers of skin up and expose the healthy cells hidden below. It will give your skin a more even appearance and a brighter, fresher glow.
Shaving over clean skin is a lot better than over an unwashed face. By removing dead skin cells and oily deposits, it exposes the full length of facial hair and allows the razor to cut more closely, resulting in a smoother finish.

we recommend:

Ritual face cleanser is a gentle, natural, peppermint wash that is formulated to dissolve grime while toning your skin. Great for all skin types, including sensitive and acne prone.

Rock & Roll face scrub is made from natural volcanic ash and green clay and has a bespoke fragrance called ‘Smoke and Wood’. Use twice a week: Monday for business, Friday for pleasure.

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