Winning the 2018 Beauty Shortlist Awards

We never set out to win awards. We focus on producing effective products for you who matters most, the end user, and we get it done as naturally as possible. We came to entertain, to make products that actually work and to educate without throwing anti-aging or other fearmongering spin your way. We do all of this knowing awards are not the goal but we still get a little bit chuffed each time we get recognised as industry leaders and our natural formulas win awards.

The Beauty Shortlist Awards are held annually and independently test products from over 600 brands across the world. There are no sponsors, no advertising and no public votes, just independent testing from September to February last year by a judging panel in New York, Sydney & London.



We Won:

Winner Best Styling Product 2018 - Karekare Tonic 


Winner Best Moisturiser 2018 - Gameface Moisturiser


Winner Best Shampoo 2018 - Triumph & Disaster Shampoo

Winner Best Wash 2018 - YLF Body Wash


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