London, Selfridges is Calling.


Selfridge's flagship Oxford Street branch is our newest London home, having survived 110 years (and all that's gone on between then and now) as the second largest shop in the UK. Here, dropping into the men's department takes on an entirely gnarlier meaning.




The 18,000 square foot store features the UK's only permanent wooden indoor skate bowl is also fully-enclosed and installed to sit in the window overlooking the corner of Oxford and Duke streets. Whilst situated on the men's floor, Selfridges describes the space as gender neutral and welcomes women to partake in anything and everything in the space. 

Founded way back in 1908 with the ethos that shopping should be a fun adventure and a form of leisure and never a chore. Harry Gordon Selfridge ensured there's space to take time out, relax and enjoy the ritual of indulging yourself shopping. Naturally, Selfridges proved a perfect fit for Triumph & Disaster.



The newly refurbished space houses the best fashion and heritage brands from around Great Britain and a curated mix of international brands, including yours truly in the grooming section. With most of our range in stock, you can get your hands on our world-class natural skin and hair care formulations.

The main attraction besides the merch? The space can be transformed for indoor events, concerts and all sorts of shenanigans. We're there.

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