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Mens 2018 Trends in Salons are Purely Organic, Say Owners of DNa Lab Salon Featuring T&D

As men's perception of what self-care actually entails keeps expanding, few salons rock expectations as much as DNa Lab in Frederick, MD. Recently having opened a second location in the capital of southern charm, Charleston, South Carolina, DNa Lab owners David and Ana Maria Seifarth attribute their growth and success in the salon space as purely organic.


“Certified organic salons will dominate 2018,” Seifarth said. “They have a commitment to sustainable beauty and use products without ammonia and other toxic ingredients."

We live our lives striving to eat organically and use products that don’t contain toxic ingredients. It made sense to open a salon where stylists and guests don’t have to compromise their health. Certified organic salons are dedicated to the beauty and well-being of all.”

Seifarth said his favorite thing about his salon is knowing he doesn’t have to breathe toxic fumes every day. After just 4 ½ years in business, Seifarth said he has seen a tremendous growth in their clientele and just how educated customers are about non-toxic products. Inspired by this, they opened the Charleston, SC location a month ago.


Seifarth and Ana Maria are passionate trailblazers who came across Triumph & Disaster products on Instagram when they discovered what YLF stood for (You Lucky F@#k), but when they read the ingredients - they were sold.


“We love the vibe, the ingredients and obviously the performance. Our favorite products are Coltrane Clay and Ponsonby Pomade.”


And though hometown Frederick, MD and destination spot Charleston, SC don’t seem like they’d be found in the same sentence together, the Seifarth’s explain why the link.


“We fell in love with Charleston 5 years ago, bought a place here this summer so we said F@#K it, let’s do our second certified organic salon here!”


Sometimes, you can absolutely bring your work on vacation, Seifarth said.

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