Fibre Royale: Why It's The Natural Choice

We met with Olivia Davies, Salon Manager and Senior hair stylist to find out what she thought our our new Fibre Royale hair product.   
How long have you been a hairdresser for?
I have been hairdressing for the last twelve years. 
Where are you currently working? 
I have spent that whole time working with Servilles and am currently at the New Market branch. 
What were your first impressions of Fibre Royale? 
My first impressions were that I love the delicate fragrance and creamy consistency of fibre Royale.
What type of hair would you use this on? 
I have used this product on nearly all hair types since getting my hands on it and have just adjusted the amount used accordingly. It can add a lot of weight to the hair if applied liberally so though trial and error have found a little goes a long way. 
We've designed the product for men and women.  How would use this on womens hair? 
I have used Fibre Royale on women's hair of all lengths. It works really well on Short to medium length hair to add polish and hold to the style as a final touch. Through my long hair I love using it to rough up my waves and add extra definition and texture through the ends.
Tell us what you think about Fibre Royale? 
What sets this product apart for me is the consistency and hold factor, a little really does go a long way which adds so much value for stylists and clients. The things I personally love the most are the packaging and the fragrance it's so subtle and fresh. 
Fibre Royale is a natural styling product.  Are you finding more of your clients asking for natural products? 
Clients are so much more aware and ingredient conscious these days and are always asking for more natural products. The fewer harsh chemicals used in products these days the better and definitely another reason why I love this range. 
What's the number one mens hair trend coming through at the moment? 
I think the trend for men's hair at the moment is to  balance a solid structured cut with texture and volume. We are seeing a lot more men grooming and styling their hair these days  and I think it's awesome. 
And for women?
For women there has been a lot of strong androgynous looks coming through as well as the 90s long bob still going strong for our winter. 
If you were in a band, what would you do/play?
I think I would play drums. I grew up with my dad playing all the time and I think it would be most natural. 

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