White Line Fever Podcast ft Shane Cameron

Triumph & Disaster is sponsoring the White Line Fever podcast, featuring T&D founder Dion Nash & sports management legend Mick Watson.

This episode features one of New Zealand former Heavyweight Boxer Shane Cameron discusses leaving home and school at 13, becoming a shepherd, before joining boxing, winning a Commonwealth Games medal and his journey throughout becoming Shane 'The Mountain Warrior' Cameron as a professional boxer.

White line fever was a common catch cry in professional sport during the '90s. To have ‘white line fever’ was a term given to those who were considered nice guys off the park, but some kind of wild animal on it. That perception of having the ability to switch personality and become the ultra-competitive, super focused beast was the genesis of this podcast. A conversation between two mates, what makes people tick, what gives people this ability to switch on and focus when it matters, and what makes them special, often hilarious characters away from their professional arenas. This is white line fever the podcast, two old has-beens talking to people they admire for having 'white line fever'

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