Winter Skin Woes

Our winter skin is a fragile thing. Cold air, relentless winds and ubiquitous heat pumps all contribute to giving your skin a hard time over the colder months. Cold weather reduces body temperature, which means we produce less natural skin oil, this means dry, dry, dry irritable skin.


Here are the Triumph & Disaster keys to help you look after your skin this winter:

  1. Moisturise, but more importantly, moisturise well. Gameface Moisturiser will help seal in your natural skin oils and bolster cell structure using a unique combination of Jojoba, Ponga fern and Horopito that work together to calm and protect you from the elements. Fundamentally we aim to trap in good oils and stop the outside world from having its wicked way with you (well your skin).
  2. Don’t forget your sunscreen – The suns UV rays are just as damaging in winter as they are in summer. Using ‘No Dice’ Sunscreen on exposed areas such as cheekbones and the bridge of your nose will help prevent damage caused by the suns rays. Green Tea and Jojoba will naturally nourish the skin but Zinc and Titanium will be your friends on the front lines against UVA & UVB – make no mistake this is a war

 Things to Avoid

  1. Keep your showers short – Hot water strips your skin of natural oils and causes dehydration of the skin. So keep them snappy and remember a hot shower is a rare thing for most of the world, so show some respect and at the same time look after your skin.
  2. 'Skincare’ products containing alcohol or synthetic chemicals (an oxymoron if ever there was one). These are the skins natural enemies and you deserve better. Alcohol will strip your skin and leave you looking tired and withered. Synthetic chemicals are made from many things including petroleum – That’s petrol. Would you rub petrol on your skin for a healthy glow?


Tread carefully.



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