Thinning hair - The Joke everyone is in on but you

Thinning hair is the joke everyone is in on but you, playing on your mind like a job not done. Thinning hair is a demanding attention seeking thought that won’t leave you alone, a sheet of gold too fragile to touch, just flakes and rubbings. Thinning hair is parsley. Thinning hair is all the things you don’t like about Chinese food and none of the things you love. Thinning hair, is here and there, undermining confidence, questioning abilities, wreaking havoc. 

But a word to your brother. If thinning hair be here, then it’s time to keep it real.

Don’t succumb to the false promises of magic potions created in unnamed laboratories by big name douche's. Invest instead in a gentle regime of maintenance; Apply natural, soft shampoos, void of sulphates and harsh chemicals, but packed with Keratin and Argan oil. Find natural styling products that add volume and tensile strength without nasty ingredients or synthetic holds, apply natural salt sprays that treat fragile roots and filaments whilst calming inflamed scalps and give protection from UV rays. And yes, use the Triumph and Disaster hair range that’s perfectly designed with thin hair and all these attributes in mind.

T&D’s hot tips for thinning hair:

1/ Only use gentle shampoos, generally speaking natural is best.

2/ Use conditioners bolstered with Keratin & Argan oil these will bolster your hair in return

3/ Avoid avoid avoid sulphates these will damage what is left of your hair

4/ Natural sea salt sprays add volume (a good one like ours should also give some UV protection for your scalp.

5/ Clays and other matte finish products will add volume and strength

6/ Avoid dyeing or harsh treatments, thin hair needs to be cradled not abused.

7/ Own it, when it gets too bad don’t be afraid to go for the razor - freedom is a clipper cut.

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