How to build a skincare routine for men

As the seasons change, you may notice your skin does too. It’s crucial to understand the impacts of seasons on your skin, and adjust your skincare routine accordingly.
Over the colder months your face and skin take a battering.  Cold weather reduces body temperature and we produce less natural skin oil. Frigid temperatures, cold winds and waves of artificial heat are the perfect conditions for creating dry, parched skin, matched with dull hair and sore eyes that can leave you feeling like you haven’t slept for a week.
Cooler winter mornings may tempt an extra long, hot shower; but player, beware! As  hot steaming showers will strip your skin of the natural oils that protect it from the elements. So watch your morning routines, be aware and be disciplined through the winter.
In the summer months, hotter weather brings with it a fresh set of skincare issues. Sun, heat and sweat deliver oily skin which can be an issue in warmer months — but Frankie says relax, there are routines for caring for your skin in these conditions too.
As we migrate outdoors and embrace the sun it is easy to forget our skin might need a little time to adjust. Having been largely covered up all winter you can’t just thrust it into the light with a few bucks in its back pocket and tell it to have a good time. Heat and sun, combined with wind will end that party in a hurry and leave you wishing you had prepared a little better for the conditions. Cleanse, to clear away oily residue and build up, protect with great natural moisturiser, block the sun's damaging rays with a proven natural sunblock. These simple steps will help you save face, time and again.
So, here it is - the best skincare rituals for your skin; in the summer — and the winter too.
Any skincare ritual should consist of three key steps:
Incorporating these three steps into your daily skincare ritual, will let your skin reap the benefits, regardless of the season.
It's important to keep up your cleansing ritual during summer. Exfoliate once a week and use a good cleanser and body wash. It’s important not to strip your body of its natural oils so it doesn’t overproduce in the hotter weather. Work with your skin and not against it. Over-cleaning, drying out and stressing out your skin can trigger oil excess production so Logic Toner is your best friend, mate. 
For winter skincare, hydration is key. Moisturise your face once you have finished in the shower to replace any loss of oil and hydration. Moisturise your face at least once, if not twice a day, especially if you are working outside or in air conditioned or artificially heated environments.  A night cream will focus on repairing damage, and replenishing moisture. 
And drink lots of water, stay well hydrated internally, luke warm water is best as it is most easily absorbed by the body.

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