Any Way You Like It And Of Course We've Had It In The Ear Before

logic + ritual for a life run wild – by Triumph & Disaster

Triumph & Disaster pronounces that the days of man yoghurt, man balm, man chips, man cream, are at an end. Over baby, dead and done, probably they should never have begun. Nothing has done so much to bully, alienate and treat men and women with contempt as the overreaching absurd marketer invented drive to define everything we own as male or female. If ‘man yoghurt’ was the metaphorical high tide mark, T&D is saying the tide has turned, it’s time get back to the party, time for a new kind of soiree where the boys and the girls play and connect the old fashioned way.

Everywhere we look it’s a trans, pan, bi, straight, twisted old world, who are we to define or restrict? Life has always presented humans the challenge of finding their own unique path, but lately we have felt the oppressive nature of brands and marketers interfering in this freedom by corralling us into barbers for men, spas for women, one type of product for guys another for gals. We are being told more and more that men and women are different and should be kept apart. Of course all of this marketing spin is based upon that well researched and scientifically evidenced idea that boys go for blue and girls prefer pink, that men ask about the motor and women the colour.

Triumph & Disaster is saying enough already, time to end this nonsense, time to start a new kind of party, keep it real, love the music that appeals, wear the clothes you want to wear, hang with friends who ‘get you’. Christ it’s hard enough to navigate life without someone telling you what to buy because they still think you should prefer the colour blue.

To celebrate all those who subscribe to this ethos of individuality and choice, T&D has launched a new campaign to celebrate our differences and our sameness, to celebrate all people and all proclivities, we have called this campaign – Ritual + Logic for a life run wild.

Ritual because rituals give you back time from the machine, moments lost to the man, rituals create space for you to think, for you to be you.

Logic because everywhere we look people are selling us BS, now more than ever we need to think for ourselves, find people with good intentions, make logical, well informed, choices that support our world view.

And a life run wild, because that’s all us, isn’t it? The path we are on? Windswept, torrential, full of highs and lows, beautiful, rich, dark, full of light, poignant, wild. So we say embrace the journey, it’s in all of us.

So, Ritual + Logic – for a life run wild, a celebration of being ourselves, thinking for ourselves, a statement for men and women who are individuals and believe in choice, a campaign and an ethos too.

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