It's a Mess Ain't it Sheriff


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"It’s a Mess ain’t it Sheriff"

Some things are just as obvious as the hair on your head, like an itch that needs scratching or a problem short of a solution. Stocked with 100% natural, sulphate free Shampoo - Silicone, SLS and SLES free, detangling Conditioner and your choice of 1 of our magnificent T&D hair products: Coltrane Clay, Ponsonby Pomade or Fibre Royale. 'It's a Mess' delivers style and grace on a slow day, so you can shake those dirty, drab, little worries from your hair, replacing them with glam, punk highlights more befitting your rising star.

1 x 300ml Triumph & Disaster Natural Mint Shampoo

1 x 300ml Triumph & Disaster Natural Mint and Cucumber Conditioner

1 x 95g Styling Product of your choice out of:

Coltrane Clay - Medium Hold, Matte Finish.
Fibre Royale - Strong Hold, Medium Shine
Ponsonby Pomade - Medium Hold, High Shine

And a bag full of jive.

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